You will learn to knit every detail in a practical and simple way, with each piece adapted to your measurements.

Learn to knit with sticks

Each fabric tells a unique story and each course opens a world of possibilities, I will guide you step by step in the art of hand weaving .

Tissue kits

Designed to inspire your creativity.


Novias Con Palillos is an innovative Chilean proposal that reinterprets the tradition of making wedding dresses, taking it to a more intimate and personalized environment through manual weaving.

About me

Hello! I'm Dani , the creative mind behind Con Palillos.

As a self-taught knitter, I specialize in designing stick-knit garments for children, adults and wedding dresses. My patterns, courses and workshops are designed so that you can learn to knit any project you propose in an easy and simple way.

I invite you to discover my designs!


Each garment is woven by hand, with time and dedication.


We use high quality materials, designed for long durability.


At Con Palillos you have the possibility of adapting each design to your body measurements.